About Us  

Welcome to the Digital Fashion School,  a micro-community of creatives, teachers and fashion lovers, changing the way we creatively educate and support each other.

Our vision is to be a more affordable and more accessible route to education, without the borders of visa requirements and large financial commitments. We are over 99% cheaper than University in the US.*  

*based on the average undergraduate course according to student support organisation 
College Board.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have worked with fashion students and designers to confirm what subjects can be taught efficiently online. The future of education is predicted to involve a lot of 'blended' learning - that's a mix of online and offline education. Although The Digital Fashion School exists online, we value the importance of offline teaching too. That's why we are committed to building engaging online workshops in the subject areas that can be taught and learnt well, online.

We're still a start-up butwe want future learning, now.

Our Future Plans
We aim to give back to our community and support artists working with Fashion and Technology. That's why we plan to provide funding to a chosen artist every 3 months (TBC) as part of Featured & Funded, launching 2021 (TBC). The chosen artist will receive funding and be featured on our social media (TBC). 
If you have Full Access (an Access-Everything membership) to the DFSchool, you can apply to be Featured & Funded for free every 3 months (TBC).
Entry Requirements (TBC):
All entries for Featured & Funded must include 5 images and/or videos (max) and a 500 word description of your project/idea. Launching 2021, date + details tbc.
image by the talented @space_meerkat

Creativity + Learning + Online

Our top priority is to boost your creativity. We cover a range of fashion topics, hoping to expand in both the technical and the theoretical areas.

Portfolio reviews*

We plan to offer free portfolio reviews to our Full 'Access everything' members. *TBC


We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest artists.

Peer learning

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

Summer programs*

In summer 2021 we are planning to launch an online summer school with talks from industry creatives and fun briefs delivered by real life clients.

Creative Briefs

Have lots of skills but an empty portfolio? Challenge yourself and take on our creative briefs. 

Want to teach?

If you have teaching experience and believe you can deliver an engaging online course that suits our members, get in touch. We strongly encourage applications from people coming from underrepresented backgrounds.

Why Join Us?

Frequently asked questions

Can I study from anywhere?

Yes! You can study online from anywhere in the world with the internet and access to our website.
We happily welcome beginners, students and working professionals from all backgrounds and abilities. 

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! We have new Christmas gift vouchers. We understand this Christmas is going to be very different for many people with the Covid-19 pandemic. Treat friends and family to one of our courses to keep them busy this Christmas. 

What Other Payment Options Do You Have?

At this stage the only payment options we have are those detailed on the sales page. We accept payments via Stripe and PayPal who process credit cards.
If you are signing up to an Access-All membership you can also choose to break the payment down into 3 monthly instalments, free of charge with no interest. 
Our payment methods are safe, secure and reliable. We’re unable to accept cheques, cash, direct debits etc.

Can I use Creative Brief work in my portfolio?

Yes! You can feature our Creative Briefs on your social media and in your portfolios. We are aware that it can be difficult to create a body of work for your portfolio if you are in the early stage of your career! So challenge yourself with our Creative Briefs and enrol on an Online Course to learn skills that could be utilised in the Creative Briefs.
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