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Learn how to design and model some 3D shoes using Blender, a popular 3D modelling program, whilst learning some basic fundamentals of the free software. 

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Learn the basics of Blender and make some material for your portfolio! By the end of this workshop you will understand how to design and create 3D objects in a 3D Environment.

An invaluable and future-proof skill in todays industry.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Our instructor Team
We work collaboratively on our online workshops, from planning, scripting and post-production. 
Our Instructors are Adobe Certified Associates with teaching experience from London College of Fashion and more.

We're based in London but you can study from anywhere with our online courses and memberships.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Why this workshop?

  • Navigation Controls
  • Reference Images
  • Modifiers
  • Materials and Textures
  • Lights and Exporting

Learn What's Important

There are many Blender workshops out there but they are often designed for gaming, animation or film production. This online workshop is tailored to those interested in art, design & fashion. 

Learn by Example

Examples. In addition to introducing you to the tools, we’ll walk through some start-to-finish examples so you can see everything in action. You can download these files and follow me throughout this tutorial.
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