Learn 3D Fashion

This bundle teaches you everything you need to know to begin working in 3D. Learn Clo 3D, Blender and Adobe Dimension easily with our informative videos and engaging tasks.

What's included?

  • Course: Learn Clo 3D
  • Course: Learn Blender
  • Course: Learn Dimension
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Experienced tutors
  • Flexible payment options

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This class will be a super easy introduction to working in 3D. 
Optimise your skills for the future and learn 3 different programs with our easy-to-follow online courses. 

Build Your Portfolio

Learn and build.   
Whilst learning these programs we will work together to build some work for your portfolio. You can share these online and on social media - show off!
Courses included

3D Fashion

This bundle introduces you to working in 3D. 

Your Savings

Purchase this bundle for £79 or Access Everything (!) on our website for just £99 here.
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